A good agent is an invaluable tool for any property purchase. Not only will they be able to do all the legwork, but they will also be up to speed on financial and legal processes answering your queries and making sure your purchase goes smoothly. With hundreds of properties to choose from – where to start? A good agent will listen to your wish list, work out your priorities, and then be able to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

Agents arrange viewings on your behalf and take you out to view the properties. After viewing a few, a good agent should be able to gauge your reaction to these in order to eliminate or find other options for you. Aside from searching for a property and negotiating the price on your behalf, an agent will also draw up the legal paperwork for you. Monitoring the whole procedure to ensure that the sale goes through smoothly. It is worth noting that most agents work on commission, so the very nature of this means that agents are driven and will do everything they can for you.

A fountain of knowledge, agents know the market inside and out to provide you with impartial advice. A relatively close-knit industry, agents talk among themselves and know the latest news: how much the last unit in the building achieved, what the price per square metre is, etc. Use this to your advantage, pick their brains, and not even just for buying property but for selling too. Advising you of current market trends, what purchasers want, what you need to do to sell your property quickly, and advise a marketing strategy.

A good agent will go above and beyond to help you. Whether this is helping you open bank accounts, registering the title deed at the land department, or transferring the electricity meter for you. Purchasing property in a foreign country can be a formidable process, but get a good agent by your side and it won’t be. They say keep your friends close, but keep a good agent closer!