Cha-Am (it can also be written Cha am or Chaam, in Thai ชะอำ) is located 170 km south from Bangkok (2.5 hours by car) and 25 km north from Hua Hin, the famous seaside resort.

Whereas Hua Hin has more facilities and a lot to offer for tourists (shopping, restaurants, entertainment…), Cha-Am is appreciated for its quiet and laidback atmosphere, its 5 km long beach, and its wide range of restaurants and accomodations.

This picturesque coastal town has managed to retain an essence of serenity one can only imagine derives from its fishing town origins. There are plenty of attractions to keep you occupied when in Cha-Am. From the long stretch of relatively undisturbed beach to the colourful temples to royal palaces – there is always a route of discovery worth taking here. With a surrounding landscape consisting of national parks, mountains, caves and waterfalls, the natural beauty of the area is complemented by an impressive list of religious and historic sights.